Plan of Study

I hope to always be a learner beyond simply high school or university. I plan to study Computer Science combined with Business or Economics in a 4-Year Public or Private University. I hope to start my own business and companies and pursue a doctorate degree to become a professor.


AP Physics C

AP Art History V

AP Literature & Composition

Stanford OHSx XM251: Multivariable Differential Calculus

Stanford OHSx XM252: Multivariable Differential Calculus

DE Advanced Marketing

AP U.S. Government & Politic

AP Economics

AP Computer Science

AP Language & Composition

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Science

AP Statistics

DE Digital Marketing


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Feel free to contact these people for any job references. These are people that I have worked with as an employee and researcher. 


Angular Developer Certified (Mosh Hamedani, Udemy)

Machine Learning (Coursera)

Business Analytics and Predictive Analytics (Coursera, University of Pennsylvania) 

NER Customer Service Certified