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I've participated in DECA since junior year and have been exposed to a wide variety of marketing tasks and activities. Having already started up 2 companies and organizations, organized an Entrepreneurship Conference, and prepared for the upcoming competition conferences, DECA has exposed me to a great group of friends, colleagues, and dreams. I am now the association's Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Fundraising.


Student Council Association began my freshman year. Since then, I have taken a larger role by becoming the association's treasurer and handling funds. I have assisted in designing a website for the association, planned homecoming for the school, ran a food fundraiser for Thanksgiving, and planned numerous other school events. SCA has been a big part of my school career and has allowed me to represent my peers in making decisions about the school and the student body.


I started TSA in 7th Grade at Blacksburg Middle School. I have continued TSA throughout my high school career and have placed at regional, state and national levels consistently every year. I have placed 1st place Nationally in STEM Animation, Website Design, and Software Development throughout my career. TSA has enabled me to make my dreams possible by providing me the resources necessary to make them happen.


I started swimming from a very young age. I participated in a club team for over 13 years and have become a big proponent of my school's swim and dive team by designing and managing its website as well as handling its donation platform. I have been a part of the state team and have made it past the regional championships. Swimming has been a way to keep my body in shape, and push my boundaries.

Young Entrepreneur's Club

Young Entrepreneur's Club is a club that I co-founded. Its mission is to foster entrepreneurship within in the school through the development of applications and the fostering of entrepreneurial spirit. We have developed an application for the school as well as hosted an entrepreneurship conference for students from all across the region.

Society for Science and The Public

As an Intel International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist, I was selected as a fellow member and the alumni of the Society for the Science and The Public. I have been invited to numerous conferences on technology and research, and am an active participant in assisting others in achieving their research dreams.

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